This project came about as a result of a comment made by an a tidy towns adjudicator in relation to a number of galvanise poles inside the wall of the Millennium Park but visible from the main road. Those poles were put up by the local development company,Lismore Mochuda Development for Christmas lighting in Lismore. Because they are a permanent fixture we came up with the idea of using the poles for banners and put the idea to the development company board who were enthusiastic about the idea and gave us the go ahead to use their poles.

Work on the project started in June 2011 but there were  cost issues with the original design company and had to change  companies in October. We then came up with 7 themes for the banners  with links to Lismore past and present: Heritage, Environment, Biodiversity, Education, Community, Architecture and Sport.
The reason for the above themes are listed below:


Heritage :

The image of the Lismore Crozier was chosen as  a link to Lismore’s  historical past.  The crozier was  presented to the National Museum of Ireland by the Duke of Devonshire as it was found in the walls of Lismore Castle in the 1800’s when work was being done to the castle. Chatsworth House English home of the Devonshire  family gave us permission to use the image but it took  over 3 months before  permission from the the National  Museum of Ireland was given to use  the image on the banner .


This photo was taken by a Dungarvan based photographerand represents the rural setting of Lismore with its agricultural land and areas rich in flora and fauna
Biological diversity is a word used to mean the variety of all living things on earth. A species of butterly common to this country  to illustrate this.


Lismore was a University town in the 9th and 10th centuries and  down through the years primary and secondary education has been available to its residents. The Duke of Devonshire provided land to the Presentation order of nuns and the Christian Brothersto set up schools in the town.Even though the religious orders are no longer in the town  the town now has 2 primary schools and a community whose students come from all over West Waterford.
The image used was a photo taken in one of the classrooms at Blackwater Community School and shows a modern classroom where now part of daily life in the classroom.


This image shows the hand of a child and that of an older person and  shows how we all come together to work for the benefit of the area that we all have in common,our hometown of Lismore


The Monument was chosen as for years it has been a local landmark and meeting place. It is representative of the many listed structures in Lismore Town and its environs.


Sport is an important part of life for many people of all ages in Lismore e.g hurling, soccer , ladies football, athletics, tennis, camogie, auto grass,golf and badminton.  The image chosen does not relate to any particular sport