Lismore TT notes

The  first day of outdoor work by the work team took place on Saturday last 16th February when a clean up was carried out on the following approach roads–  Tallow Road , starting at the Monastery out as far as Nugent’s  Garage, the Strand, Vee Road as far as the quarry and the Cappoquin Road as far as Coleman’s garage. In total 30 bags of litter were collectd which is an increase on the amount that was collected this time last year. It was good to see some new faces  joining  the litter pick up and thanks to them for turning up. Thanks to John Foley GSS and the  Lismore outdoor staff Waterford City & Co. Co. for picking up  the bags of litter collected. Thanks also to Luke O’ Brien Environment section Wat. City & Co. Co. for supplying bags, gloves and litter picks for the collection.

For anyone interested in joining the work effort , work will take place on Wednesday mornings at 9.30 am until the evenings get brighter.For details look at the Community Notice Board outside the Vault Cafe on West Street.Thanks also to our two CE workers Gordon & Jim who are keeping weeds under control in the many planted areas around Lismore.
Most of us are aware of the problem of reducing bee numbers in Ireland and worldwide but in the past week an international journal  Biological Conservation published a report on the decline of insect numbers worldwide . This scientific review warned that human activity is causing a dramatic decline in insects that could see 40% of species become extinct in a few decades. The global review of declines of insects stated that the world was witnessing” the largest extinction event on earth” for millions of years., in the face of habitat loss, pesticides, disease, climate change and invasive species. Because of the importance of insects to natural systems and wildlife ” such events cannot be ignored and should prompt decisive action to avert  a catastrophic collapse of nature’s eco systems” the scientists carrying out the report warned. They called for habitat restoration, a dramatic reduction in pesticides, changes to agriculture such as flower- rich strips planted along the margins of fields or rotating crops with clover to benefit bumblebees.So when tidy towns groups, schools ,community groups and organisations build bug hotels they are doing something re insect decline.
The first general tidy towns meeting for existing members and people who would like to get involved will take place on Thursday 28th February at 8pm in the St. Vincent de Paul rooms Chapel Place Lismore.