Lismore TT Notes 27-6-2018

Work on the Bug Hotel in the Millennium Park  was finished last week when the signage was put in place . This project was  the brainchild of  Lismore Tidy  Towns member Sheila Roche who undertook the work with help from Liam Ahearne  It took time and energy to collect the materials and build it so thanks to both for all of the work involved. It is situated close to the composting area so please come in for a look. Thanks to the following for work done for us on signage recently  Jacinta Uniake  Munster Signs Dungarvan and Caitriona Doyle & Phil Mortimer Inka Design Lismore .
The plinth for the new two sided wood sculpture to be installed in the Millennium Park was completed during the past week and thanks to stone mason Gareth Quirke for  the great work on the stone facing. It is hoped to install the new carving some time next week.Please look out for details on WLR Community Notice Board and notice boards in local businesses.


More tips on why growing your own food is good—
  • because you reduce food waste– it is not so easy to throw out something when you have planted the seed yourself, nurtured it and waited patiently for it to grow into something delicious to eat. We are more inclined to eat or preserve every scrap rather than waste a morsel
  • because you need to worry less about food safety
  • because gardening is a great way to relax, de-stress, enjoy fresh air and sunshine and can be therapeutic. Every gardening activity provides exercise and you can burn off as many calories in 45 minutes of gardening as in 30 minutes of aerobics
  •  because you are educating your children/ grandchildren/ nieces/ nephews/ neighbours on where their food comes from and it gives them an understanding of how dependent we are on the 12–15cm of soil around the world