Community Issues

Dog Fouling

Dog owners must remove their dog’s waste from public places and dispose of it in the proper manner. So to create an awareness of htis issue which is  a problem in Lismore and to help change people’s attitude  Lismore Tidy Towns in association with Ms. Anne Sullivan, Education and Awareness Officer Waterford Co. Council launched the Green Dog Walkers iniative  on Tuesday 18th March 2014. The aim of this campaign is to make all dog owners aware of their civic  responsibility  in terms of the cleaning up of dog waste when walking their dogs in all public places in Lismore town and its environs. Dog owners who sign up to the campaign agree to wear a green armband and if  they are seen wearing it it means that they have:

  • “Taken the Pledge”
  • to always clean up after their dog
  • to carry extra doggie waste bags
  • to gladly give you a bag for your dog –just ask

Green Dog Walkers is a non confrontational friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling in the South East as the project was launched in counties Carlow, Kilkenny,South Tipperary,Waterford, Wexford and Waterford City Council.

On the  same night as the launch of the Green Dog Walkers campaign, Lismore Tidy Towns also announced that it had purchased five Mutt Mitts  units for the dispensing of biodegradeable dog waste bags. They had been  put up in areas identified as being routes favoured by dog owners when walking their dogs and it is hoped that they will be used and disposed off in a proper manner.

Since the launch of this campaign in 2014 Lismore Tidy Towns  continues to fund the purchase of the biodegradable bags for the Mutt Mitt dispensers .The dispensers are filled once a month.The purchase of the dispensers was financed by  Local Agenda 20 funding. In 2015 another grant under the same funding scheme enabled Lismore Tidy Towns to buy a year’s supply of the biodegradeable dog waste bags .

Chewing Gum

People who chew gum  in public places who wish to get rid of it   are advised to  wrap it in its original wrapping  and dispose  in the  nearest litter bin 0r use any of the combined cigarette / chewing  gum wall bins at either the North Mall, O’Gorman’s newsagents or at New Street/ Main Street corner. Throwing  chewing gum  on the ground is a litter offence for  which people can be fined 150 euro.

On Wednesday25th June 2014 the Gum Litter Task Force was in town promoting the” Bin It ” campaign . In attendance was Miss Anne SullivanEducation , Environment , Awareness Officer Waterford County and City Council , Councillor Declan Doocey, members of Lismore Tidy Towns and the general public.” Bin It” is a campaign to encourage the proper disposal of chewing gum and to encourage people to act responsibly and to realise that dropping gum on the street is a litter offence and if caught people are liable to be fined. On the day of the launch in the Millennium Park people, young and old were brought for spins in the rickshaws in the Park and around the town.

To continue the promotion of  chewing gum as litter over 80 hi vis vests promoting the National Gum Task force  the BIN IT campaign were distributed to members of the community litter roster to wear when on their daily litter pick ups starting from March 2015

In early 2015  a schools poster competition re chewing gum as litter was organised amongst the pupils of the two local primary schools and Lismore’s community school . There was an overall winner in Bunscoil Bothar na Naomh, in St. Mochuda’s National School and a junior and senior winner from Blackwater Community School. The winning students were presented with vouchers from Eason’s paid for out of tidy towns funds.

In the Summer of 2015 Lismore Tidy Towns  distributed packs of gum wraps produced and supplied by the Gum Litter Task Force to  encourage the hygienic disposal of chewing gum.Boxes of the gum wraps have been placed in the following business premises:Wine Vaults, Credit Union , Centra Supermarket, Post Office.During 2016 the gum wraps were made available at Lismore Post Office, Lismore Credit Union and the Carnegie  branch library

In September 2015 Lismore won two special awards sponsored by the Gum Litter  Task Force at the announcement of the SuperValu Tidy Towns Awards 2015—- Gum Litter Task Force Award for small town and village and the National Gum Litter Task Force Award. During 2016 Lismore continued the fight against chewing gum litter






Cigarette Butts

Throwing cigarette butts on public  footpaths is a litter offence and people can be prosecuted for it. The owners of all properties  adjacent to a public footpath are responsible for keeping it litter free and this includes sweeping up any cigarette butts that have been thrown there.  The anti litter supervisor regularly visits the town.


Lismore Tidy Towns generally holds its monthly meeting on the last Thursday  of every month  at 8pm. The meetings are open to members and non members. So anyone wishing to join Lismore Tidy Towns are welcome to attend those meetings which are usually held at the St. Vincent de Paul Rooms, Chapel Place. The daet/day  venue is texted to members and the general public are informed through the weekly Lismore Tidy Towns  notes in three local newspapers.