Bring Bank Site



The Bring Bank site, which is for waste glass bottles only, is situated at the side of the entrance to St. Carthages Home. It is approximately 800m from Lismore town centre and a signpost on the main thoroughfare directs users to the entrance where another sign at St. Carthage’s House directs them in to the site. There are 5 bins to collect the bottles and all are hidden behind a tall stone  perimiter wall of the Waterford County Counci’ls storage yard. This wall has 5 stainless steel tubes inserted making it easy to slide the bottles through to the bins behind. The outdoor staff of Waterford County Council take care of getting the bins emptied. Having the bins out of sight and the tarmac done to the base of the wall keeps the area looking neat /clean.

People using this site are asked to respect it

Do not litter

fine for littering 150 euro

If the Bottle Bank is full please contact the following Lo-call phone number 0761102020