Waste Reduction

Tips for Business

How can I reduce my business waste ?

  • Establish a policy that office reports, memos, internal manuals etc be double sided copied to reduce paper.
  • Place reminder signs at photocopiers and printers re: double sided printing
  • Maintain a centralised filing system instead of making multiple copies for multiple files
  • Send e-mail memos to save paper
  • Store data on computer networks or disks instead of paper files
  • Review documents on – screen before printing to avoid waste
  • Update your mailing lists to avoid duplication, waste and added costs
  • Remove your company’ s name from junk mailing lists
  • Order supplies in bulk or in concentrated form
  • Don’ t use bin liners in bins collecting dry waste
  • Purchase durable equipment
  • Replace paper towels with washable towels or hand dryers
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Implement a stock purchase and rotation system so stock is used within its  “shelf-life”

How can I reuse my business waste ?

  • Set up a draft paper in your printer to print draft documents on the back of slightly used paper
  • Convert scrap paper into memo pads
  • Save and reuse inter – office envelopes, file folders and boxes
  • Use reusable mailing pouches
  • Reuse shredded newspaper / paper for packaging
  • Repair old or unused office furniture and equipment or donate it to charity
  • Give old magazines to libraries, hospitals or nursing homes
  • Use re-useable memo boards for messages
  • Refill laser printer, copier and fax toner cartridges
  •  Reuse ring binders, paper clips, rubber bands
  • Distribute and use ceramic mugs for polystyrene or plastic cups
  • Reuse incoming boxes for outgoing deliveries

Waste reduction tips for householders

  • Write a shopping list to make sure that you don’ t come home with more than you need
  • Shop local, buy loose fresh vegetables and fruit to avoid all the bulky packaging
  • Increase the life of your food by using your freezer
  • Use refillable and rechargeable products where possible
  • Buy a vacuum cleaner with re-washable bags
  • Leave packaging behind when buying electrical appliances and in the case of the delivery of bulky household items ask delivery person to take back packaging
  • Use e-mail instead of paper where possible
  • Reuse empty glass jars and plastic food containers for storage / freezing food.If you cannot do this collect all glass containers and bring them to your local bottle/bring bank. In Lismore the bottle bank is situated at Townparks at the entrance to St. Carthage’sHouse. Please segregate your glass according to colour.Respect this area . Do not litter
  • Buy concentrated products that use less packaging, e g. detergents and flavourings for your drinking water
  • If you use takeaway outlets for food, wash and re-use the plastic food boxes for freezing food in your freezer or as lunch boxes for family members
  • When buying household products buy those that can be refilled. Soft pouches rather than stiff containers for coffee and cleaning products. Reduce your consumption, disposal of packaging and the carbon released in transparent weighty goods
  • Make your own fuel from unwanted paper and newspaper by investing in a paper log maker for an open fire. It is quite easy and cost effective
  • If you are fed up of receiving junk mail in the post, minimise this type of waste by registering with Irish Direct Mail phone number: 01 661 04 70
  • When clearing out your house, attic or garden shed, reduce waste and encourage reuse by letting others use what you do not want anymore, by listing such items on the following websites: www.freetradeireland.ie, www.jumbletown.ie, www.freecycle.ie, www.gumtree.ie
  •  For people living in Lismore to discourage the delivery of junk mail to your property use the Lismore Tidy Towns anti junk mail sticker on your letter box