Lismore TT Notes 6-3-2018

The National Biodiversity Data Centre based in Waterford City recently launched a press release looking for people to record sightings of spring flowering plants.. The Spring Flowering Plants Project 2019 is a joint pilot initiative between the National Biodiversity Data Centre  and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and was started in 2017. .It comprises an agreement between both parties to target 14 easily identifiable spring flowers for recording along with a special online recording form specifically for the project. Not only does this project encourage people to record their observations of early flowering plant species that can otherwise be lacking in data but like all recording  it is valuable as it contributes to furthering plant conservation in Ireland. Many of the spring flowers chosen are distinctive making it a good way for those new to recording to get involved.The spring flowering plant species that the project concentrates on arethe following:

 Bluebell                               Common Dog -violet                       Cowslip
Early purple Orchid                Cuckoo Flower                               Lesser Celandine
Lords and Ladies                    Primrose                                        Toothwort
Wild Garlic                               Winter Heliotrope                          Wood Anenome
Wood Sorrel.
In 2018 the National Biodiversity Centre received a total of 2,380 records of the above species. All records have been added to Biodiversity Maps and also made available to the Botanical Society for their next Atlas .In an area so rich in Biodiversity  as Lismore people are encouraged to record sightings of above and to do it online– just log on to the Biodiversity Centre website. For people who are not into technology  you could call the Biodiversity Centre  051306240 to see if  your information could be given over the phone.
Work wise the Lismore Tidy Towns work team is back in action and on a lovely mild spring morning on Wednesday last the large gravel bed at Castlecourt was weeded and shrubs pruned . The area around the pump at the Boreen was also tidied up. Our CE workers tidied planted areas at BankField and Ferry Lane as well as doing litter pick ups in some areas.
A reminder that  the plastics workshop/ information night is on tonight Wednesday 6th at 7.30pm in the St. Vincent de Paul rooms Chapel Place  Presented by Ms. Ella Ryan, Environmental Awareness Officer Waterford City& Co. Co.. All very welcome.
The annual community litter roster starts on Monday next 11th March. Thanks once again to those people who come on board year in year out. We are appealing to all businesses to start to regularly sweep up and keep outside their premises litter free. Tidy Towns is a community effort where all should take responsibility for keeping the town clean and tidy.


Starting this week  an A to Z guide to cutting down plastics in the home
A–do an audit of your home as a first step —- look especially at your household’s use of single use items. Try then and come up with Alternatives such as ceramic and stainless steel dishes for storage, reusable water bottles,items made from bamboo and other  biodegradable or compostable products. A is also for  Attenborough — David – who has highlighted the impact of plastic waste on sea life  and has made  many of us more aware of the damage being done to Planet Earth