How Tidy Towns began in Lismore

Lismore has been involved in the annual National Tidy Towns Competition for many years. In the mid 1980’s a more active group was formed with the aim of improving the town and its environs. Lismore was not a pretty sight at the time. Shabby, disused and derelict buildings, untidy yards, littered areas and a general lack of interest were the order of the day. However, things steadily improved under the Committee’s guidance. Each year saw an increase in the points scored in the National Tidy Towns Competition and by 1993 window boxes had become commonplace on the business premises on Main Street. In 1995 we were honoured to represent Ireland in the Entente Florale Competition. That year also saw the Town gain sixteen points in the National Tidy Towns Competition, and win the South East Region Supervalu Endeavour award.

Maintaining the Effort

Based on this success, and with the continued support of our own group and wider community, we set out with renewed vigour to capture a national title, and with the guidance, help, support and co-operation of Waterford¬† Co. Council, especially Mr Noel Healy, Area Engineer, Mr Eric Flynn, Lismore Town Clerk, Mr. John O’ Flynn, Lismore Town Manager and all of the outdoor staff of Waterford Co. Council ensured that the dream of winning a National Tidy Towns Title would become a reality.¬† In 2004 Lismore won the Title of Ireland’s Tidiest Town.

The following changes contributed to Lismore’ s win:

  • Ducting of cables
  • Removal of plastic signs
  • A town planting plan
  • Waterford County Council purchasing a street sweeper
  • Improving environmental awareness
  • Planting native trees
  • Installing cobble-locked footpaths and decorative lighting
  • Setting up twice daily litter patrols in each residential area

Since 2004, to maintain the high standard that Lismore has achieved in the National Tidy Towns Competition – we continue to hold:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Work nights – two / three times a week from March to late October
  • Regular meetings with Mr. Noel Healy. Area Engineer Waterford Co. Council and Ms. Karen Hallahan Lismore Town Clerk regarding work to be carried out
  • Occasional meetings with Lismore Estates in recent years

What is Tidiness

Adjudicators in the National Tidy Towns Competition take the following into account when awarding marks in the category:

  • General lack of clutter in town centre/environs
  • Location and condition of signage
  • Unused lamppost
  • Blocked footpaths
  • Dirty paintwork
  • Unsightly electrical cables
  • Untidy frontage/yards visible from roadside
  • Absence of graffiti and fly posting
  • Traffic management
  • Control of weed growth on kerbs and footpaths