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LTT notes 30-05-2012

On the week starting 21st May Lismore was a hive of activity with many sectors in the community out and about doing work. The Tidy Towns working group was out in full force on Monday   night planting at the Monument,at the New Street /Bank of Ireland corner  and at the thatched cottage Ballyrafter. O n Tuesday afternoon the remaining pole planters were planted up at the Council yard.Some  members swept on the Main Street  on Wednesday evening while  others washed paintwork, base of walls and washed windows on  five vacant properties on the Main Street . During that same week our two C.E.S. workers planted the area  opposite the Monastery,the  raised bed near Hornibrooks on the Tallow Road,the narrow point of the Triangle and the large bed at H.R. Dowd & Sons .
Thanks to Michael and Mary McGrath for painting work done on their property at Main Street and to Seamus, Kathleen and Niall O’ Flynn for painting their property the Castle Lodge, Main Street.We appeal to other householders/ businesses in the Main Street/ West Street/ East Main Street  areas  who have not yet cleaned paintwork and base of buildings to please get it done in the next week as the first judging in Tidy Towns is just around the corner.We are not asking people spend   much money but  just to use  some elbow grease!!
The bottle bank at Townsparks  has been transformed using a novel and innovative approach. Our thanks to Mr. Noel Healy,area engineer Waterford Co. Co., Ms. Karen Hallahan, Lismore Town Clerk and Mr  John Foley, Overseer Waterford Co. Co  for the work carried out .We hope that people using  the facility will respect the work that has been done and not dump rubbish there.
Sympathy is extended to Mrs. Eileen Pollard, Parks Road, our assistant secretary and her family on the recent death of her son Maurice. May he rest in peace.


Reclamation yards are great as there are a host of materials and garden features available from  them in many places around the country.Re-using  a previously owned area of hard landscaping or a garden ornament is a real plus for our environment.

L.T.T. 25-05-1912

The week starting Monday 14th May was a really busy one for our own group and members of the community. The working group spent Monday evening sweeping and tidying at the Canal, Ballyrafter and the New Way. Tuesday afternoon was spent planting up containers in the Council yard. Then on Wednesday evening the plant nursery delivered summer bedding for the areas that the Tidy Towns pays for and plants. We split the group up and one group planted the circular bed at the North Mall, another planted containers at West Street, another group did the raised bed at the Millennium Park and finally the sixteen wall baskets on the Millennium Park wall at West Street and the New Way were planted. We got the rain at the right time just after planting so hopefully the sun will shine this week to bring the plants on even further. Thanks to Pat Fleming and Michael McBride, all of the box topiary was trimmed and shaped at the Canal Park, at the circular bed on the Mall and at St. Carthage’s Church during this week.
Mr. Des Fitzsimons, owner of the business known locally as the Arcade, needs to be thanked for the painting of this building which has added another splash of colour to the Main Street. Thanks also to Mr. Akram Hanna for some painting work done on his properties at West Street and Main Street and to Jimmy Walsh who did the work. It is great to see other people in the community who have been contacted by us carrying out work requested.

W e appeal to shop owners to stop putting posters on shop windows as this is seen as untidiness by tidy towns judges with adjudication just a few weeks away. Over the past few weeks we have seen posters being put on poles and on empty shop windows in Lismore for events taking place in other towns in the county and which are left in situ way after the event has taken place. This is littering and in a town, which prides itself on the town’s level of litter control, we would like to discourage this practice.

The application form for this years tidy towns competition has been sent off. So we now appeal to the people in the business sector who have not yet washed their properties to try and support the tidy towns effort by doing this.Thanks to those businesses who wash and clean and sweep  on a regular basis.

Congratulations to the Green Schools Committee at Bunscoil Bothar na Naomh and their co-ordinator Mrs. Patricia Lonergan on achieving the school’s fourth green flag for Travel on Monday 21st May. The Green School Committee at St. Mochuda’ National Schools and their co-ordinator Ms. Helen Sheehan have achieved four green flags and are now working on their next one” Green Homes Flag”. This is a great achievement and great credit is due to all involved.


It is difficult to find a resource that you and your family should know about ecologically friendly living but comes pretty close. Suitable for all ages of the family there are useful challenges to get everyone involved in making a difference at home and in the wider world.

Tidy Towns Notes – 18/05/2012

The week starting Monday 7th May was a very busy one for the group with Tuesday afternoon spent
planting containers in the Council yard.  Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm was spent washing and cleaning a number of vacant premises on Main Street in preparation for the Poem in Shop Windows project. On Thursday evening in the Millennium Park we had the launch of three projects which we had been working on since last October.

The three projects announced on Thursday 10th were the banner project at the Millennium Park, the revival of the Poem in Shop Windows and the Lismore Tidy Towns website.
The banner project came about as a result of comments made some years ago by a tidy towns competition   adjudicator about the vacant flag poles inside the wall at the Millennium Park. Those poles are a permanent fixture as they were put up by Lismore Mochuda Development Company Ltd. for Christmas Lights in Lismore so permission was sought from and given  by the company for us to use the poles.So betwen ourselves and the graphic designer Sacha Bulfin at Printmaster, Dungarvan, we came up with a design for seven banners with themes linked to Lismore past and present – Heritage, Architecture, Community,Environment, Education,Biodiversity and Sport. Our sincere thanks to the following photographers whose photographs were used on the project – Mary Glavin , Lismore for the Architecture image, Catherine Cashman, Conna for the Education image and Mr. Dennis Ring Blackwater Community who allowed access to the school for the image, Robert Power, Dungarvan for the Environment image,  Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England and the National Museum of Ireland for the image of the Lismore Crozier. This project was grant aided by Waterford Leader Partnership and a sincere thanks is extended to Ms. Niamh Budds, Project Officer for all of her help, advice and support. Thanks also to Mr. Matt Houlihan  Printmaster,  Ms.  Maella Fahey Lismore Heritage Centre and the   local area office Waterford Co. Co. for their input.This project has cost over 4000 euro and has been funded by Lismore Tidy Towns with grant aid from  Leader.

The Poem in Shop Windows project is  a revival of an original  project by Mayor of Lismore Mr. Ken Madden to celebrate Poetry Day in September 2011. Our aim was to use those poems to take the bare /empty look of closed business premises in the Main Street /West Street area. Five business premises were identified and the following owners are to be thanked for allowing us to use their properties and to place the poems inside their windows – Mr. Des Fitzsimons, Mr. Akram Hanna, Mrs. Anne McCarthy, Don and Michelle O’Hanrahan and Miss Nora Willoughby. The project could not have proceeded without the permission, help and cooperation  of Mayor Ken Madden and the permission of the eleven poets whose poems were used. So a sincere thanks to Mr. Madden, poets Ms. Corina Duyn, Mr. Liam Murphy, Mr. Alan Murphy,Mr. John Ennis, Mr. Edward Denniston, Mr. George O’ Brien, Mr. James Ballantyne, Mr. Mark Roper, Mr. Thomas McCarthy, Ms. Aine Ui Foghlu and  Mr . Peter Sirr. Mr. David Murphy,  Red Heaven Design,  Main Street , Lismore, was  responsible for the graphic work and thanks to him for his advice and ideas. This project cost Lismore Tidy Towns over 500 euro.

The adjudicator’s report in the 2011 National Tidy Towns Competition advised Lismore Tidy Towns to have a website and to use the social media ie Facebook and Twitter to create awareness about the group and its activities. So we finally got round to getting the website designed and up and running this year and hopefully the general public will be as impressed with the website design and content as the tidy towns members are .Our thanks to Mr. Rafael Wozniak, NIAK IT Solutions, West Street, Lismore,  who designed the website, for his advice and help and thanks also  those members who liased with him re information and photos.This project was again totally funded by Lismore Tidy Towns and cost 750 Euro You can view the website at

Thanks to Ms. Mealla Fahey. manager Lismore Heritage Centre and her staff for facilitating the website viewing in the theatre and the serving of refreshments to those who attended the launch in the park. Congratulations also  to Lismore Heritage Company as it celebrated 20 years in Lismore on 14th May and wishing all involved many more successful years.

The Biodiversity sub group has also recently launched Lismore Tidy Town’s 2nd Biodiversity Plan and hopes to build on the successes of its first plan in term of protecting and enhancing biodiversity in the environs of Lismore Town.

Eco Tip Of The Week

To keep your greenhouse pest free use biological controls to keep pests away. There are a range of harmless predators available that will feed on pests such as red spider mites, whitefly and aphids. Buy the bugs as soon as you notice that the pests are an issue and put them near the plants. Maintain a warm environment and the bugs breed faster than the pests. Go on line for suppliers.