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Lismore TT Notes 11-7-2018

On Tuesday 2nd July our two CE workers Gordon and Jim started work on repairs to the high limestone wall in the public car park adjacent to the children;s playground . Over the year stones have fallen off here and there at this site and  because we are lucky to have a good worker with stone in Jim Noonan it was decided to use his skills to get the work done . Sourcing the stone was difficult so thanks to Edward Pollard  for supplying it and to Liam Ahearne and Michael McBride who have been collecting it daily from source. A sincere thanks to Waterford City & Co. Co. for  its help.

The Lismore Tidy Towns work team have also been hard at work in the very hot conditions– on Monday evening work was at the Ballyrafter area with sweeping of footpaths , the cobbled are at the Spout. Some members did a litter pick up at the swimming area at the Strand as we were getting reports of heavy littering there  and collected  two large sacks of litter. The Strand is a wonderful amenity for all and  during this spell of wonderful weather many people young and old are using the swimming area which is great  and   we wish to encourage  people using it  to bring their litter home — parents reading this article please speak to your children . Thanks to those members of the public/ parents  who have collected  litter here. On Wednesday morning the work team split up and as a result  the following work was done —- weeding and sweeping at Canal View Park, cleaning the  raised gravel bed at Cliffe’s on the Cappoquin Road, weeding of the raised bed at Hornibrooks and cutting back  the perennial geraniums at Ferry Lane. Watering flower beds has become  a major task and we in Lismore are so lucky to have the Spout with its underground water source not connected to the public mains. So Liam, Michael, Pat & Willie have been collecting water from there and and using it to  water beds late evening and thanks to them for giving up their time to do this work. In the days before water on tap was common the Spout was used by local people as one of their  their water sources.
A reminder to all that the new two sided wood carving will be installed in the Millennium Park  on Thursday next 12th July. John Hayes the famous wood sculptor will  be carrying out the installation with help from Lismore Tidy Towns members and other people in the community who have offered to help on Thursday morning. This is a Lismore Tidy Towns Project and it  is our way   of enhancing the Millenium Park and celebrating 60 years of the tidy towns movement in the Irish Republic. This is an open invitation to everyone to call in and have a look.The formal unveiling takes place at 4pm on Thursday evening  and all are welcome.


Continuing reasons why growing your own food is good—-
Because you might kickstart a new business?????
  • You may want to sell your surplus food on a table or stall outside your own home with an honesty box. It is unmanned and everything is sold on trust with money being put into atin/box
  • Apply for a stall at your local Farmers Market
  • Offer surplus produce  to your local shop or cafe
  • Put a sign up outside your house” Food from the Garden”
  • Barter with your neighbours

Lismore TT Notes 4-7-2018

Even with the intense heat of the past week the work team got out on Monday evening and Wednesday morning  last.  All of the Grotto area at  West Street was weeded & swept plus the weeding of the  new flower  beds at the New Way and the pointed part of the Triangle.  On Wednesday morning all of the footpaths in the Millenium Park were swept  and the team  also  swept outside the  footpath kerbing from West Street to the Castle Lodge on Mai Street. We found that the  debris collected was mainly cigarette butts which ties in with the results of a recent nationwide survey. The exterior footpaths of business premises where people are allowed to smoke should be swept everyday  and  the  cooperation of all businesses is needed in regard to the above. It is acknowledged that there are some businesses who do sweep up outside their properties on a daily basis and thanks to them for doing  this. Our two CE workers Jim and Gordon  did a lot of painting  in the past week with the entrance gate  to their  base done and nearly all of the ESB  junction boxes  all around the town as well  as the washing of all of the town’s  litter bins.

It was interesting to read in the national newspapers at the week-end that Minister for Transport Shane Rosse’s plan to have no petrol or diesel cars on Irish roads by 2030 has hit a significant bump due to the ending  of an EU payment of 25 million euro to ESB Networks to develop a nationwide network of  public charge points. Electric  vehicles are seen as a key opportunity to ensure that Ireland is not hit with massive fines over its failure to live up to climate change obligations. Lismore does not have a public charger   something that Lismore Tidy Towns tried to address in 2016  but  were informed  by ESB Networks  that the town would be put on a list for installation  in the future?
Thanks to all of the local Lismore outdoor staff Waterford City and Co. Co. for all of the  great work done in the Millennium Park Lismore in preparation for the installation of the new wood sculpture which we thought would be ready this week but it won’t now be here until sometime next week. Joe Barry staff member   who retired on Friday  is thanked for all of his work in the town and  all involved with Lismore Tidy Towns  wish Joe well  in his retirement.


Continuing tips as to why growing your own food is good—-
  • because you will make new friends and connect with  your neighbours when you share your vegetable gluts–
  • because having a deeper understanding of growing even a little gives a better appreciation of the time and effort that goes into producing wholesome nourishing food. Hence you will be less likely to complain about the price of real food again!!
  • because you get a real feelgood factor.” Growing your own” produces a wonderful sense of pride and satisfaction at each new achievement. It may also spark new interests in nutrition, botany & landscaping

Lismore TT Notes 27-6-2018

Work on the Bug Hotel in the Millennium Park  was finished last week when the signage was put in place . This project was  the brainchild of  Lismore Tidy  Towns member Sheila Roche who undertook the work with help from Liam Ahearne  It took time and energy to collect the materials and build it so thanks to both for all of the work involved. It is situated close to the composting area so please come in for a look. Thanks to the following for work done for us on signage recently  Jacinta Uniake  Munster Signs Dungarvan and Caitriona Doyle & Phil Mortimer Inka Design Lismore .
The plinth for the new two sided wood sculpture to be installed in the Millennium Park was completed during the past week and thanks to stone mason Gareth Quirke for  the great work on the stone facing. It is hoped to install the new carving some time next week.Please look out for details on WLR Community Notice Board and notice boards in local businesses.


More tips on why growing your own food is good—
  • because you reduce food waste– it is not so easy to throw out something when you have planted the seed yourself, nurtured it and waited patiently for it to grow into something delicious to eat. We are more inclined to eat or preserve every scrap rather than waste a morsel
  • because you need to worry less about food safety
  • because gardening is a great way to relax, de-stress, enjoy fresh air and sunshine and can be therapeutic. Every gardening activity provides exercise and you can burn off as many calories in 45 minutes of gardening as in 30 minutes of aerobics
  •  because you are educating your children/ grandchildren/ nieces/ nephews/ neighbours on where their food comes from and it gives them an understanding of how dependent we are on the 12–15cm of soil around the world