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Lismore TT Notes 25-4-2018

The work team’s planned outdoor work on Monday evening and Wednesday morning  had to be called off due to rain and some of the group were then given jobs to do in their free time. Thanks to deputy chairperson Liam Ahearne  who cleared out the nineteenth century Weigh House at Ballyrafter . Regretfully none of the original weight mechanism remains so all that was removed was rubbish that had accumulated over the years. Thanks to Michael McBride , Sean Daly and Nora O’ Connor who gave up over four hours of their time to make a Wormery which is  being presented to BunScoil Bothar na Naomh in the coming week.   Other members had meetings  to finalise work on  some of the projects that we are involved in this year.Thanks to ESB Networks for tidying up some of their wires which concerned the Adjudicator in the 2017 SuperValu Tidy Towns competition.Gordon and Jim our two CE workers weeded planted areas in Lios an Oir , washed empty properties and did planting at the Chapel Street side of  Lios an Oir plus afternoon litter pick ups

For the past few months this column has discussed the environmental problems to do with plastic waste and then in the past week  an announcement was made that scientists have accidentally  created a mutant enzyme that eats plastic. Scientists at the University of Portsmouth and the United States Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory  decided to focus on a naturally occurring bacterium discovered in Japan a few years ago. Japanese  researchers believe that the bacterium evolved fairly recently in a waste recycling centre since plastics were not invented until the 1940’s. The bacterium is known as” Ideonella Sakaiensis” and appears to feed exclusively on a type of plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate used widely in the production of plastic bottles. This new study hopes that this enzyme may eventually solve the growing problem of plastic pollution. We all need to our bit to protect the environment by being plastic aware.
Remind you all that the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Lismore Tidy Towns is being held this Thursday 26th April at 8pm in the St. Vincent de Paul  rooms Chapel Place . This meeting is open to everyone .


Help the war on plastic and make simple little paper pots for seed sowing from newspapers . Wrap the paper several times around a cylindrical object  such as a bottleand then tuck it in at the end. You can also use cardboard egg cartons. toilet rolls or ready to buy biodegradable pots

lismore TT Notes 18-4-2014

To prepare for the replanting and reduction of the palm tree bed at the New Way, grass seed was planted during last week by some members of the work team . Plants in nurseries are a few weeks behind because of the weather so planting here will be later than originally planned. Our CES team did work at the tennis courts and the  Grotto West Street and maintenance of street furniture in many parts of the town.

From Monday 10th of April  work will be done on Monday evenings from 6.30pm and Wednesday mornings from 9.30 for those people who are available at those times. There will be the odd extra evening  on and off.
The Annual General Meeting of Lismore Tidy Towns will be held on Thursday 26th April in the St. Vincent de Paul rooms Chapel Place at 8pm. If there is anyone reading this article who would like to get involved this meeting provides an ideal opportunity to see what Lismore Tidy Towns does in Lismore. It is an open meeting, all are welcome , members and non members .
Do you know that over 200 million disposable cups are used and disposed off in Ireland each year . Be part of the solution and if you own a reusable drink cup please use it for takeaway drinks in your local cafe/ tearooms/ supermarket. In Lismore four local businesses have signed up to the Conscious Cup Campaign — Lizzie Brien’s, Robert Boyle Tea Rooms at the Heritage Centre, Summerhouse and The Vault Cafe. All are offering money off for  customers presenting reusable cups. So please support local business and help reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.
Ditch the plastic?????????
 Replace with alternatives– there are many long life plastics you can replace as they wear out  such as :
  • switch your plastic loo seat for a wooden one.

Lismore TT Notes 11-4-2018

The morning of Wednesday 3rd April was a big work morning for the tidy towns work team when the site of the Ice Houses at Ballyin was weeded, swept and cutting back work carried out. Those Ice Houses  built by Blackwater Fisheries  around 1789 are an important part of the built and social history of Lismore town and their ongoing conservation is very important. Our CES team are also being kept busy at present  with the maintenance of street furniture. During the past  week the new planting plan for the revamping of the palm tree bed was marked out. Planting will be later than expected as plants are at least three weeks behind in terms of growth at plant nurseries but we look forward to doing that work.

The promotion and sale of the Lismore reusable drink cup has proved to be a great success with some sellers having sold out of stock already.  The feedback has been very positive from the general public. New stock will be  available in the coming weeks.
Even though the weather is very poor at the moment  it is the time of the year  when people need to look at the condition of their  properties especially those in the business part of town and plan washing, cleaning as appropriate. Details of the 2018 SuperValu Tidy Towns competition were received in the post last week and all planned work needs to be completed at the latest by the first week in June .
Lismore Tidy Towns is actively involved in the promotion of the  Conscious Cup Campaign where people  who regularly use takeaway drinks from local cafes and tearooms are encouraged  to bring a reusable cup and participating cafes will take something off the cost of the drink. Participating businesses in Lismore are, Lizzie Brien’s, Summerhouse, The Vault and Roche’s Centra Supermarket. Check locally for discounts offered..


Ditch the plastic in your home—–change gradually
TOOTHBRUSHES—– used toothbrushes are among the most common plastic waste found in our oceans and on beaches but it is hard to find alternatives  Many bamboo ones have nylon bristles and it is difficult  to prevent the wood becoming water logged Dentists recommend nylon so this may be a sensible place to draw the line . A good compromise is a brush with a replaceable head. When you shop be on the look out for alternatives
SOAP— use bars of soap rather than plastic dispensers and choose waxed paper or card packaging of the soap
MILK CARTONS— in the past the standard milk supply system was a reusable, returnable, recyclable bottle delivered to your door or local shop , is it time to revert to that ?
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