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LTT Notes 20-6-2012

As Wednesday morning 13th was the only fine morning forecast during a week of torrential rain a group of us spent the morning working in the Ballyrafter/Strand area. Hopefully we will be able to get out in the coming week on planned work evenings.
Thanks to Mr. Robert Steward, Glebe Warden, Select Vestry  St. Carthage’s  Cathedral for painting the Deanery railings as requested.


Following on from last week’s  TIP OF THE WEEK  about eco friendly and cost saving liquid plant food the following may give you  some ideas on  what to do. Nettles, comfrey and seaweed are frequently used to create liquid food for plants. Nettles grow wild and are the perfect tonic for nitrogen loving leafy greens. Comfrey also grows wild and can be cultivated with minimum effort and is ideal for potassium loving fruit bearers. The following is a recipe for Nettle Tea/ Feed. The same recipe can be used for comfrey or seaweed. Keep in mind that the finished product for all of the above is  highly concentrated, very smelly, must be diluted and not used on seedlings or indoor plants.
Step 1: Collect 1kg. nettle leaves.
Step 2: Put the leaves into a sack made of porous material ie.  hessian.
Step 3: Put the sack in a bin/bucket, add 20 litres of water. It is vital to cover with a tight fitting lid as it smells.
Step 4: Wait about a month or more before using it. Dilute the feed when using it, combining  10 parts water to 1 part feed. You could also draw off    small amounts in to the watering can and then fill it up with water so that your mix is the colour of weak tea.