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Over the past few weeks work on replacing some of the wooden pieces of equipment in the children’s playground  Lismore has been ongoing. Their replacement with stainless steel low maintenance  ones has been good news for Lismore Tidy Towns as it will reduce our work load in terms of the painting of the timber structures which we started doing three years ago. Funding for this project has come through the CLAR 2018 programme run by the Department of Rural& Community Development  and delivered for the most part by the local authority which in Lismore’s case is Waterford& City Co. Co.  in consultation with groups in local communities. The CLAR 2018 programme saw funding provided for three different measures:

1. Support for Schools/Community Safety Measures
2. Play Area
3. First Response Support Measure.
Local Area engineer Waterford City & Co. Co.   Mrs. Josephine McGrath applied for funding under this programme for road calming measures at BunScoil Bothar na Naomh and the ramps that are seen in the vicinity of the school have been paid for from this fund as has the new playground equipment. This application was supported by Lismore Tidy Towns.
Making the news recently in Lismore  has been the proposed traffic calming measures on a section of the National Primary Road N72 at Ballyrafter. The plan for work at this area has been at least four years in the making.In early 2015 the National Roads Authority now known as Transport Infrastructure Ireland  announced that a traffic management plan for the Ballyrafter area was being considered. However due to financial constraints nothing happened until 2018 when a design team was appointed  and  after meetings with concerned stakeholders  a draft plan for this area was released in October 2018. After receiving a copy of the proposed plan Lismore Tidy Towns had an onsite meeting   with those concerned for some details  of the plan to be clarified  and after that the group  made its own submissions re the plan . When Waterford City & Co. Co. advertise the Public Consultation aspect of the plan Lismore Tidy Towns will again be involved.
On Saturday morning next the 16th February  Lismore Tidy Towns is organising a litter pick up on some of the approach roads to Lismore. Members of the public who would like to help are welcome . Please meet at the car park at 9. 30am . We will supply litter picks and gloves but please bring your own hi vis vest .


Another natural alternative  to expect to make an appearance in the family’s bathroom cabinet in the coming years is bamboo. This multi-purpose plant will be used as a biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging on beauty products, used as an eco facecloth alternative to face wipes and as a natural gentle alternative for the skin smoothing ingredient retinol

Lismore TT Notes 25-7-2018

The new wood sculpture in the Millennium Park continues to attract people to the park and there has been very positive feedback from locals and visitors. So if you have not seen it please come for a visit.

Even though  the work team is on a small break  our CE team and individual members are carrying out various tasks. For the past few weeks Gordon and Jim have been doing stone work on the wall  in the car park and it should be finished this week . Willie Henry our chairperson did work on removing Himalayan Balsam  from inside the railing at Canal View  Park. Sean Daly has been working on the installation of water buttes  at various sites around the town— two at the public toilets and one at the golf club  with more to follow in the coming weeks. A grant was received from Waterford City& Co. Co. for this water conservation project. We now wait for rain to fill them!!   Thanks to Liam Ahearne and Michael McBride for collecting stone as  and when required.
Some weeks ago   A bug hotel was installed in  a quiet corner of the Millennium Park adjacent to the compost area. This was the brainchild of one of the Lismore Tidy Towns planning sub group member Sheila Roche with help from Liam Ahearne and it is attracting a lot of attention from visitors and townspeople.  Thanks to Clive Blackwell for the timber sign on top  and to Jacinta Uniake Munster Signs for the  design of the information sign at the front of the structure. A bug hotel  also known as an insect house/hotel is a manmade structure created to provide shelter for insects. Most consist of several different sections that provide insects with  nesting facilities– particularly during winter offering refuge for many different types of insects. A variety of materials are used in its construction such as stone, logs, banded reeds and bamboo, straw and drilled holes in wooden material to encourage insects to leave larvae to gestate.
Lismore Tidy Towns extends its sympathy to the O’ Neill family on the recent death of Mary, Deerpark Road Lismore. Mary’s late husband Paddy was an active member of Lismore Tidy Towns for many years. May she rest in peace.

Lismore TT Notes 18-7-2018

The highlight for Lismore Tidy Towns last week was the installation and unveiling of the new wood sculpture in Lismore’s Millennium Park. This replaced the original wood carving of St. Carthage carved in May 2005 from a livING tree but the condition of this carving had deteriorated  due to honey fungus disease in the tree and so the time came for its replacement   The opportunity to do this arose in  November 2017 when Minister Michael Ring Department of Rural& Community Development announced grant aid to all tidy towns participants in the 2018 competition to help groups celebrate sixty years of Tidy Towns in the Irish Republic. So Lismore Tidy Towns came up with the idea of using this money and its  own  funds to pay for a new wood sculpture to enhance the Millennium Park and be a worthy celebration of the sixty years of tidy towns nationwide. The  new two sided figure features on one side St. Carthage patron saint of Lismore who established a monastic settlement in 630  which led in time to  Lismore becoming a university city  and on the other side the famous scientist Robert Boyle born in Lismore Castle in 1627 who  is known as the Father of Modern chemistry with his formula” Boyles’ Law” still used by scientists today.

The wood carving was unveiled by the chairperson of Lismore Tidy Towns Mr. Willie Henry and  by long term Lismore Tidy Towns member Mr. George Hennessy in the presence of the new Waterford City& Co. Mayor Mr. Declan Doocey. In his address to those who attended the unveiling Lismore Tidy Towns chairperson Mr.  Willie Henry outlined the background to the project and made special mention of the following who helped to get it off the ground, Mr. John Hayes Wood Sculptor for his advice and help and his assistant James McCarthy, Lismore outdoor staff Waterford City& Co. Co. especially engineer Josephine McGrath, GSS John Foley, Gareth Quirke, Joe Barry, John Troy and Sonny McNamara for their work on the plinth and surrounds, Lord William Burlington and the following staff of Lismore Estates  Adrian Booth, Dennis Nevin, Declan Gaffney, Drue Dickenson and Jerry Twomey, Department of Rural& Community Development, Emma Rourke,  Pobal and Pat Ryan local builder. Willie also thanked Lismore Tidy Towns Member Michael McBride and Secretary Mary O’ Brien  who along with Willie himself were responsible for the organisation of the  project. Jacinta Uniake Munster Signs was thanked for her work on the information plaques. Mealla Fahey Project Manager Lismore Heritage Centre and her staff  were thanked for allowing the Heritage Centre to be used for hospitality after the unveiling.
All involved with Lismore Tidy Towns  send good wishes to Dungarvan Tidy Towns   and all those involved with the Entente Florale effort in Dungarvan for the judging by a team of adjudicators from participating European countries on Thursday 19th July.
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